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How does the MultiSite Online Work Order Request work?

  • You place shortcuts to the online work order form in your existing website.
  • Your tenants can now enter an online work order request from work, home or any other location where they have Internet access.
  • The shortcut will direct your customers to a web form to enter their work order request.
  • The web form will validate the requestor to minimize prank work order requests.
  • Validated requests immediately update the MultiSite database with a new Work Order and emailed to the property manager.
Step One: Decide where to put your shortcut.

There are two type of shortcuts that you can provide for your tenants to reach the online work order request form:

  • Directly from your Home Page or other generic epée.
  • Users will need to select the Property and their Unit.
  • Click Here to see a sample page
  • From a specific property location.
  • Users will only need to select their Unit. The shortcut will contain their property ID.
  • Click Here to see a sample page.
Step Two: Insert the hyperlink into your website.

Step Three: Let your tenants know about the new service.

Please call MultiSite for setup information and begin accepting online Applications today. This is a FREE service to MultiSite Customers.