MultiSite definition on our use of the word FREE

What does FREE really mean when used in this website? Usually the word FREE comes with hidden strings attached. To clear up what we mean by FREE here is a description on the limits of the use of FREE in this website..

FREE Technical Support: (limited to the 50 Continental States):
  • We would like to give FREE technical assistance to everyone in your company, but that may not be possible for us to accomplish this to your satisfaction - for FREE..
  • We see two common scenarios:

1. Medium to large property management companies: We use the "Train the Trainers" style of support. We will train and support a limited number of trainers, regional managers and accounting staff for FREE. And, we will backup these personnel and provide an overflow service for FREE when the trainers or managers are offline or overloaded and other unexpected occasions as they arise.

2. Very small enterprises that do not have trainers and regional managers. We can provide FREE technical service unrestricted to english speaking property managers in the 50 United States.

FREE Custom Software modifications:
  • We learn from our customers and welcome all suggestions for product improvement.
  • We evaluate your request using the following concept as our guiding principle for incorporating FREE custom software and reporting enhancements:

1. The feature or report request will benefit the majority of our current and future customers.

2. Current and future users will have the option of using the new feature but will not be inconvenienced should they decide not to use the modification or report.

Minor changes to existing reports will be offered FREE.

New Custom Financial Reports may not be offered for FREE.

Some Other New and unique Reports may not be offered for FREE.

If a feature request is not free then the cost will always be submitted before work begins.

FREE Services: (Free Services)
FREE Trail:

We hope this clarifies our FREE offerings to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions about our policy please Contact Us

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