MultiSite Reporting Services

MultiSite is initially stocked with a report library of both Crystal Reports and SQL Server SSRS reports. Each user may have their own selection of reports that meet their job needs. The MultiSite report library contains more than a thousand reports. The large library of reports allows us to evaluate your needs and quickly modify an existing report to provide you with a custom report.

We can provide you with CUSTOM reports at no charge. Free custom reporting and report tweaking is a valuable software feature.

Reporting Services Delivery

Module Reports

Reports are available in each module and specific to the module for each user.

Client Portal

Reports in the Client Portal allow software users and other outside users to access reports from their web browser or portable device. Launching reports in this area does not require users to have knowledge or access to MultiSite Software Suite.

You can give access to owners, auditors or others and they do not need to know how to operate the software.

SSRS Scheduled Reports

We can schedule report and subscription processing for reports that run on a Reporting Services report server. Custom schedules can be defined for exclusive use with a particular report or subscription. You can also create a shared schedule that can be defined once and then referenced by multiple reports and subscriptions.