Human Resources for Property Managers : Employee

Managing personnel details and looking up contact information is easy with the MultiSite Employee module. You can record, track, and report on all your employees, from corporate staff to regional managers, site managers, and maintenance staff. View and print lists of employees by property, job category, work status, city, supervisor, and other convenient options. Easy to link employees to multiple properties.

MultiSite Employee is a handy tool to have on hand when a property manager is out for the day, a tenant calls with a maintenance issue, and someone else needs to look up the maintenance staff members telephone number for the manager's site.

Key Features

  • Security levels can be set to limit access to sensitive information.
  • User - friendly, intuitive interface.
  • Add and update information for an unlimited number of employees.
  • Grouped or functional on-screen categories, such as employee by status, title, supervisor, property, workgroup, or program participation (e.g., insurance or 401- K).
  • Import journal entries from Microsoft Excel. Imported spreadsheets can contain journal entries from multiple properties (useful for posting recurring entries for all your properties, simultaneously).
  • Associate employees with multiple property locations, quickly and easily.
  • The Notes feature records and tracks all interactions with employees (notes, phone calls, discussions , and other correspondence).
  • You can attach scanned images (photos, awards) or Microsoft Word and Excel files to any Note for any employee.
  • Employee list is shared with the Maintenance module.
  • Note: There are no payroll functions in the Employee module.

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