Property Management Accounting: Accounts Payable

The AP module helps you keep track of vendors and invoices, as well as write checks for outstanding payables for 1 or 1000's of properties. Share vendors with multiple properties. Use Cash or Accural method.

Specific access permissions can be assigned to each AP user for invoice entry, payment authorization, public mode (“read-only”), and check writing.

Access to invoices can be set up by property so that:

- Regional managers can see only invoices for properties under their supervision.

- Site managers can see only invoices for sites that they manage.

- Cut Auto, Manual or Electronic checks as based upon various filter selections.

- Corporate users have special rights to see management company accounts.

- Use vendors that work at different sites under same Vendor ID and use One Time Vendors, as well.

Key Features

  • Designed for fast, easy invoice entry.
  • Adds vendors (including one-time vendors) on the fly.
  • (Optional) Works with a scanning wand to automatically authorize stacks of approved invoices prior to generating checks. (Also authorizes one invoice at a time.)
  • Check wizard prints MICR encoded checks on blank check stock and enables payment of all qualifying invoices for:
  • - One site
    - One property manager
    - Utility companies
    - A selected vendor

  • The check wizard also enables payment of all qualifying tenants who receive Utility Subsidy checks.
  • Note: Qualifying invoices are those that are Authorized, Not on Hold, and have an Invoice Due Date on or before the check date.
  • Vendors can send invoices to multiple sites because the check payment feature lets you organize check payment by site; yet all properties can share the same vendor list.
  • 1099 reports can print separate 1099 forms for each vendor that worked at each property.
  • An unlimited number of notes can be entered for each vendor.
  • All utility bills can be paid in one check run.
  • Utility Subsidy checks can be paid to tenants with the check wizard without requiring any invoice entry.
  • Manual checks can be printed directly from the invoice entry screen (requires special authorization in the Administrator module).
  • Invoice payment terms and discounts are user-configurable
  • Void invoices and AP checks are fully supported.
  • NSF checks are supported.
  • Corporate users can invoice individual sites for reimbursements, payroll, etc.

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