Property Management Software : Tenants

The MultiSite Tenants module lets you manage day -to- day activities for all your tenants from on one screen, using any Internet - ready computer in the world. Other MultiSite modules receive information from Tenants, so there is never any need for double data entry. That saves you both time and money.

Some Advantages:

As you would expect, from a mature software, we offer all features necessary to manage tenants and many features not found in other competitor software offerings. - The Tenants module can be used by a company with a centralized home office, a site - based company, or a company that engages in both centralized and site - based activities. Mix and Match as your needs require.

Easily manage all types of properties. A True "Mixed Bag" software. Even Manage commercial units with tenant units on the same property interface.

Manage hundreds, even thousands, of properties from one seamless intuitive interface. And, manage each one in a unique way.

User level Security & Audit trail- Each user can view and manage only the tenants for his particular properties, all from one screen. Security levels set in the Administrator module control access. Database field changes tracked in our Audit Trail feature.

Common Features

  • Tenant leases are maintained through one of the affordable housing certification actions or through the Renew Lease action in the Tenants module. Lease - based system retains a complete tenant history.
  • Move - In, Move - Out, Transfer, change HOH, eviction & more Tenants actions are included.
  • 100's of reports. Custom letter writer. Auto print reports and/or merge letters at move-in/out, transfer, recert, etc.
  • Receive and track HUD, Rural Development, Housing Authorities payments & private RA
  • Charge Rents, Late Fees, and other charges, discounts, CAM & RA.
  • Receipt Tenant payments , Misc Income, Security Deposits, and NSF. Deposit slips are easily edited until "Confirmed". Confirmed deposits send transaction to Cash Management.
  • Tax Credit compliance and reporting include unlimited layers & contracts.
  • Copy applicant's to Move - In and re- classify applicant receipts.
  • MICR Check Reader to enter tenant receipts for checks and Money Orders.
  • Pay Rent and enter Work Orders Online.

To see how user-friendly all our modules are, contact us for a product demonstration.