Affordable Housing: Tax Credit

The Tax Credit module lets you enter state compliant Tenant Income Certifications for Tax Credit properties. It shares information directly with Tenants, RD and HUD modules, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and enabling you to report on the same tenant - specific information from both modules.

  • - Using the MultiSite Tax Credit module, you can generate monthly, quarterly, and annual status reports with ease, as well as keep your sites compliant with Tax Credit standards .
  • - Unlimited number of layers and set-asides.
  • - Auto TIC generation from HUD 50059 & RD-515 certifications.
  • - Deep Skewed, Bond, Home & Multiple Set Asides easily supported;
  • - EZ on screen form data entry screens.
  • - No double data entry - ever!

Key Features

  • Easy entry of TICs (Tenant Income Certifications).
  • TIC entry creates a new current, past, or future lease.
  • Easily renew leases without entering a TIC by renewing and altering the housing authority funding. The new lease will be linked to the same TIC.
  • Easy Transfers with automatic compliance check and TIC building. Admin can restrict transfers in building or allow transfers between buildings.
  • Integrated with the Tenant, Site, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger / Financial Reporting modules.
  • Data entry in a TIC validating form helps you comply with Tax Credit regulations.
  • View records by Tenant Search, Site Summary, Certification History of Tnant, or New Move-In's.
  • Actions include Move - In, Add / Edit Certification, and Edit Cert.
  • Track Applicable Fraction by Building or by Project.
  • Automatically tracks and qualifies Tax Credit status for HUD, RD 515, Home & Tax Exempt Bond Tax Credit properties.

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