Property Management Accounting: Cash Management

The Cash Management module handles all your banking needs, from check writing to account reconciliation, including MICR check imprinting.

Manage multiple bank accounts for thousands of properties.

It is full featured and handles a very large volume of transactions for all your properties and corporate accounts.

This module shares information with the Tenants, AP, and GL modules, streamlining your data management in all four parts of the system.

Key Features

  • Manages thousands of bank accounts.
  • Maintains all your bank accounts from one convenient screen.
  • Automatically posts to the General Ledger module. You also have the option not to post specific transactions to GL.
  • Assigns multiple bank accounts to each property.
  • Includes filters and security features that keep your extensive bank account list manageable.
  • Writes checks, deposits, and bank transfers with visual screens.
  • Includes customizable screens that enable users to see only the programs that they need to perform their own jobs.
  • Reporting options from Cash Management can be unique to each user.
  • Fully integrated with the GL and AP modules.
  • Writes checks that include multiple properties.
  • Writes auto-numbered or counter checks.
  • Enables laser printing of checks for unlimited cash accounts, using blank check stock with MICR encoding.
  • Includes full bank reconciliation to GL cash accounts.
  • Lets you view, edit, void, or NSF both AP and Cash Management checks.
  • Displays checks written from both the Cash Management and AP modules.
  • Cash Management checks do not require invoices. It is a manual check system that shares the same vendor list with AP.
  • Security levels can be set to limit access to sensitive information. For example, access to corporate (company) accounts requires special access rights.

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