Affordable Housing: Public Housing

The Public Housing Module allows you to enter tenant HUD 50058 income certifications.

-Programs supported: Public Housing; Sec8 Certificate; Voucher & Mod-Rehab.

HUD 50058 form actions supported: New Admission; Annual Re-examination; Interium; Portability Move-Out; Portability Move-In; End Participation; Other Change of Unit; FSS Enrollment or Exit Only; Annual Reexamination Search; Issuance of Voucher; Expiration of Voucher; Flat Rent Annual Update; Annual HQS Inspection Only; Historical Adjustment and Void..

-Build and Transmission to your Public Housing Authority via PIC file is fully compliant with latest Family Report Technical Reference Guide.

- EZ on screen WIZIWIG form data entry screens.

- No double data entry - ever!

Key Features

  • Easy entry of 50058's (Tenant Income Certifications).
  • 58 entry creates a new current, past, or future lease.
  • Easily renew leases without entering a 58 by renewing and altering the housing authority funding. The new lease will be linked to the same TIC.
  • Easy Transfers with automatic compliance check and 58 building. Admin can restrict transfers in building or allow transfers between buildings.
  • Integrated with the Tenant, Site, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger / Financial Reporting modules.
  • Data entry in a 50058 validating form helps you comply with HUD regulations.
  • View records by Tenant Search, Site Summary, Certification History of Tenant, or New Move-In's.
  • Actions include Move - In, Add / Edit Certification, and Edit Cert.
  • Track Applicable Fraction by Building or by Project.
  • Automatically tracks and qualifies Tax Credit status for HUD, RD 515, Home & Tax Exempt Bond Tax Credit properties.

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