Property Management Security: Administrator

The Administrator module lets you create and delete users. Users can then be given variety of flexible security options. For example, you can assign module-specific access to each user in your organization.

You can also set security levels so that specific employees can see only the properties that they manage. Even though our product can display all your properties on one handy page, you can restrict access in such a way that, when division property managers visit that page, they can only see the properties under their supervision, site managers can only see the sites that they manage, and so forth.

Restrictions can also be set by specific activity. For example, users can be granted permission to write checks, transmit records, or they can be prevented from doing so.

It is easy to change access rights in this module. In minutes, you can accommodate temporary changes in personnel. When employees leave for vacation, you can assign their properties and activities to other users until they return.

Key Features

  • Grants or denies rights/access to any or all of the following:
  • Modules; Module User Rights; Properties; Regions; Offices; Reports; Package Printouts; Property Divisions; Letters and other as needed rights.

  • Creates and maintains user security rights.
  • Copies one user's security rights to another user

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